About Child Autism, its Symptoms and Treatment Information

Autism is a developmental disorder and the specific cause for autism is not known. It is believed that some biochemical imbalance would have caused autism and some believe that it is a psychological disorder. Children with autism cannot communicate their feelings and emotions properly. Such children find it difficult to socialize. They communicate only to get their needs and not to socialize.

Lack of speech and communications skills, staring at a single object or playing with a single object alone and not listening to any calls made to them are some of the characteristics of autism in children. If a person calls the child with autism the child may not respond to the call. In infants autism can be identified at an early stage by watching for some characteristics like not smiling or disliking hugging and cuddling. If the parent is trying to play with the child the child may not respond properly to the calls. These symptoms are identified and a doctor should be approached for initiating treatments.

Such children are not motivated and they don’t prefer to learn any new things, since they have faced lots of failure in that process and they tend to avoid learning any new tasks. They are aggressive toward others and even attack others. Some children with autism hurt themselves. Educational therapies are taken to improve the communication skills of such children and to motivate them to learn more skills especially communication and speech skills.

It is said that proper nutrition and diet would help improve autism in children. Vitamin B12 is more effective in improving speech and communication skills in children with autism. It is found that intramuscular injection of vitamin B12 gives good results in 2 to 4 weeks time. Some children take more than 3 months for some improvement. Magnesium is also found to improve autism behaviors. Dimethylglycine (DMG) is found to improve speech in children affected by autism. It is also effective against frustration.

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