Dealing with toddler tantrums

Child tantrums are common in children in the age group of 2 to 4 years old. Children may not know ways in dealing with toddler tantrums since they are not in their control when they throw tantrums and parents need to be patient in dealing such children. They may not know how to express their feelings and frustrations and hence they throw tantrums.

This is quite common and parents should not worry more about toddler tantrums. While dealing with toddler tantrums they should teach the child different ways to express their feelings. They should teach them to express their anger and frustration in words and not violent actions.When the parent is dealing with toddler tantrums, if they see that that child is more violent and hurting him, they need to approach a doctor and seeks different ways in dealing the child.

The best way in dealing with toddler tantrums is to ignore the behavior of the child and the parent should sure that the child understands that his behavior is ignored.While dealing with toddler tantrums in this way the parent should make sure that he is not making any eye contact with the child for sometime. They should have the child in their view. If the child is old enough they can ask them to go their room and let them calm down on their own. This method of dealing with toddler tantrum is known as time out. Time out method is found to be more effective and is widely followed.

In dealing with toddler tantrums the parent should not make their "no" to "yes" to just calm down their child. This will make the child repeat tantrums if they wants to demand anything. It is better not to reward anything to the child for calming down this will also make them throw tantrums if they want something. Never reason with your child while dealing with toddler tantrums, since they may not hear what you say while they are crying and shouting. This will only make you frustrated. Try to respond calmly and never punish your child when you are dealing with toddler tantrums. Punishing will only make the situation worse.




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