About Toddler Tantrum

Toddler tantrum is very common in children and it is thrown by the child to seek the attention of the parent to them. If a child is interrupted in their work or play in which they were much involved would also trigger them to throw tantrum. To control toddler tantrum the child can be moved to a different environment.

Sometimes distracting them with their favorite play or something like that would also help in controlling toddler tantrum. Toddler tantrum is thrown by a child even if they are hungry. To avoid such behavior they should practice a good eating and sleeping routine for the child. During toddler tantrum a child may rush around the room, wild and screaming. Parents may get nervous and sometimes become helpless when they see such tantrum.

Since the child is out of control any object that is in the path of the kid is thrown away sometimes. Parents may even try to hug them if possible to ensure that you are there to take care of them. This would control toddler tantrum to some extent.Parents are advised not to pay attention to their child during toddler tantrum. If they pay attention when they throw tantrum, there is possibility for repeated toddler tantrum since the child may come to a wrong conclusion that she can get the attention of the parents by throwing toddler tantrum.

A proper eating and sleeping routine would avoid tantrums that are caused by hungry and fatigue. You should not give in to the child’s demands during tantrums. The parent should try to reward the child for good behavior. This would improve the positive attitude in the child and they would know that nothing is going to happen when they throw tantrums.




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