About Toddler Temper Tantrum

Controlling toddler temper tantrum is not an easy task. The parent should take the first step towards controlling it. The parent should set an example for the child to follow. When the parent is angry he or she should not be aggressive and shouting.

If the parent behaves well the child would follow that and try to control toddler temper tantrum. It is understood that the most effective way to control toddler temper tantrum is to just ignore it.If the child is hungry or suffering from fatigue the child may throw toddler temper tantrum. Hence proper eating and sleeping routine should be practiced to avoid it. Another way to control toddler temper tantrum is to involve the child in decision making.

You can ask the child to choose the color of the dress they want to wear. This would make the child feel that they are in control of their choices and they might control toddler temper tantrum.Toddler temper tantrum at a public place would be an embarrassing situation for the parents. The parent should make it a practice to give a consistent approach to tantrum so that the same can be practiced when the child is throwing toddler temper tantrum at a public place.

Otherwise this would become a task that may be embarrassing for the parent. Children may start to throw toddler temper tantrum even at the age of 9 months and children with 4 years of age are also said to throw tantrums. You may shift the child to some other location to get him diverted or give him his favorite toy to divert him. Some parents even report that even their four year old kids have a tendency to lie in the middle of the supermarket and throw tantrums.




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