What is Flu Disease & What Causes Flu

Flu is a disease that is caused by a virus. Since this is caused by virus, antibiotics may not be effective against it. Anti viral medications are to be taken for treating flu. The symptoms of flu are headache, muscle pain, cough, sneezing, sore throat, running nose and stuffy nose.

Once you get these symptoms it is better to start taking medications. Medications if taken during the first two days of the appearance of the symptoms are effective. Herbal, homeopathic, and allopathic medications are available for treating flu. A lot of home remedies are also used in the treatment of flu. Herbs like echinacea, garlic, rosehip, and ginger are effective in the treatment of flu.

Vaccination is one of the ways of preventing flu. Following good health habits is another way to avoid flu from affecting you. If you are sick do not allow others to be closer to you so that you can avoid spreading flu to others. Similarly you also should not get closer to persons who are sick so that you can avoid contracting flu.

Medications like Amantadine, Oseltamivir, and Rimantadine are used in the prevention of flu and these medications can also be used to prevent flu. A lot of herbal remedies are available to treat common cold and flu. The symptoms of cold are also similar to that of flu. Often flu is accompanied by cold. Consult a doctor if the condition gets worse and if it is not cured after a weeks time.

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A Proven Effective Natural Herbal Remedies for Various Health Related Problems and Diseases

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