Cure for Herpes - An Overview

Herpes is a disease that causes cold sores in the mouth and affects the genital areas of a person. Both these infections are due to the outbreak of the herpes simplex virus that is found dormant in the root of our nerve cells. Cure for herpes is available easily. Triggering of this virus from an external agent like fever, cold, menstruation, exposure to sunlight, and reduction in the immunity of our body causes this virus to move from the nerve cells to the skin surface, causing blisters to appear on the skin.

Cure for herpes is available in the form of natural medicines, homeopathic medicines and allopathic medicines. These medicines that are used as a cure for herpes can be administered orally or topically. Before seeking a cure for herpes, diagnosis has to be done to confirm that your body is infected with herpes simplex virus.Allopathic cure for herpes is available in the form of Acyclovir (Zovirax®), Valacyclovir (Valtrex®), and Famciclovir (Famvir®). The names given above in bracket for cure for herpes are brand names in which the medications are available. The first step in the cure for herpes is to detect the presence of the virus. This is done by the Tzanck test and Herpes viral culture lesion test. The latter test is to confirm the presence of the herpes simplex virus, so that medications can be started for the cure for herpes.

Aloe vera juice is taken as one of the cure for herpes. Food items that are having high levels of arginine are avoided during the cure for herpes. The foods that assist in the cure for herpes are foods that have high lysine content. It is advised to avoid alcochol, chocolates, nuts, tomatoes, processed foods, and deep fried foods like chips when a person is taking medicines for cure for herpes. It is always acceptable that prevention is better than cure hence it is advised to take preventive steps by following a strict diet to prevent the outbreak of virus rather than curing it after the outbreak.





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