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Around 70 percent of the people in USA are affected by herpes simplex at some point of time in their lifetime. Hence herpes simplex cure has become unavoidable. The herpes simplex virus once infected, it may be dormant for many years and you may not know when it is will be reactivated. Once reactivated the blisters start appearing on the skin.

There are many medications available for herpes simplex cure. It is better to take precautions than to go for herpes simplex cure. You can avoid the outbreak of herpes by taking proper food items that will boost you immune system. Any food item that helps in improving the immune system will assist in herpes simplex cure.Food items that have high lysine/arginine ratio are preferred for herpes simplex cure. During the herpes infection, the people infected may feel a lot of pain on the sores.

To relieve the pain they can be given a topical anesthetic such as viscous lidocaine as a part of herpes simplex cure. This medication that is used in herpes simplex cure is available in brand names like Dilocaine, Nervocaine, Xylocaine, and Zilactin-L. People with weak immune system are required to have oral medication or IV medication for herpes simplex cure. Babies within 6 weeks of birth and person with severe infections may require hospital admission for herpes simplex cure.

A lot of home remedies are available for herpes simplex cure. Application of aloe vera juice over the sores is one of the available herpes simplex cure done at home. A mixture of camphor and spirit is also applied over the sores as another herpes simplex cure. Blister that are caused in the skin are due to the movement of the herpes simplex virus from the root of the nerve cells to the skin surface. If this movement of the virus is restricted then the spreading of the herpes can be controlled. To restrict the movement of the virus some people apply ice cubes over the sores during the initial stages of the outbreak.





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