Advantages of Herpes Symptoms Treatment

HSV1 and HSV2 are the two types of virus that causes herpes or cold sores or genital herpes in a person. As soon as the symptoms of herpes are found, the herpes symptoms treatment should be started. Early start of the herpes symptoms treatment is more effective in reducing the time duration of herpes during that outbreak.

For a person with healthy immune system, taking the herpes symptoms treatment would help them cure herpes in just two weeks time. If the person is having a weak immune system, for example a person with immuno deficiency syndrome, is affected by herpes, even taking herpes symptoms treatment would not be much effective and the flare ups may last for even a month.Before starting the herpes symptoms treatment, diagnosis has to be done and confirm whether herpes simplex virus is found in the body.

The diagnosis is done in two methods, namely Tzanck test and Herpes Viral Culture of Lesion. These are done before the herpes symptoms treatment is started. During the herpes symtoms treatment, some people apply ice cubes over the blisters. This helps in restricting the movement of the virus in herpes symptoms treatment. It is known that the virus moves from the root of the nerve cells to the skin surface to cause blisters. Hence the application of ice cubes help in restricting the movement in herpes symptoms treatment.

During the herpes symptoms treatment herbs like lomatium and chapparal are also used. Dimethysulphoxide is applied over the sores using cotton balls as a part of the herpes symptoms treatment. This helps in drying up the cold sores fastly. Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir are usually used in herpes symptoms treatment. If the above medicines are not effective in herpes symptoms treatment, it means that the HSV has developed resistance to that medicine. Alternatively foscarnet is used in such cases for herpes symptoms treatment. Foscarnet should be used under the supervision of a medical practitionre for herpes symptoms treatment.





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