Herpes Treatment for Oral and Genital Herpes

Herpes in general refers to two different types of infections that occurs in our body. These infections may be in the upper part of our body especially in and around the mouth, and in the lower part of the part especially around the genital areas. Herpes treatment is available for both the type of infections.

Herpes that is found in the in and around the mouth is referred to as cold sores and the infections that is found in the genital areas is referred to as genital herpes. There are many herpes treatment for oral infections and herpes treatment are also available for genital herpes.
Herpes treatment should be started when a person finds sores around the mouth and the nostrils. There may be a tingling and itchy feeling in that area. This is a symptom for herpes and herpes treatment should be started as early as possible preferrably during the initial days of the outbreak. The commonly available medicine over the counter for herpes treatment is 5% cream of aciclovir. This medicine used for herpes treatment is available without prescription. Since this herpes is caused by the Herpes Simlex Virus (HSV), there are anti-HSV pills for herpes treatment available in the market which are used for severe outbreak of herpes.

Tzanck Test and Herpes Viral Culture of Lesion are done before any clinical herpes treatment is started. Though Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir are available as allopathic herpes treatment, there are many home remedies available for herpes treatment. The common home remedies that are practiced in herpes treatment includes taking echinacea, goldenseal and vitamin C daily. Melissa Officinalis Extract is applied to the sores during the herpes treatment. It is said that herpes treatment using Melissa officinalis extract is more effective and cures herpes in just five day when compared to the other medicines used in the herpes treatment. These medicines are also applicable for genital herpes. It is advised to avoid having sex if a person is having genital herpes.





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