Herpes Virus Treatments

The herpes simplex virus causes blisters called sores on the mouth, areas around the nostrils and even the genital parts. Sores on the mouth will drastically affect the eating ability of a person and that person will have irritating feeling and pain while he eats his food. If this oral herpes is found in babies, it will be more difficult for them to feed on the milk.Hence it is absolutely necessary to go for herpes virus treatments.

Before going for any of the herpes virus treatments the patient should first confirm whether he is infected by the herpes virus only. This diagnosis is done by the Tzanck test and the Herpes Viral Culture of Lesion tests as a part of the herpes virus treatments. Herpes virus treatments are available for both the type of virus that has affected your body. It is known that HSV1 affects the upper body and the HSV2 affects the lower body.

Herpes virus treatments can be started during the symptoms stage itself. If the herpes virus treatments are started during the initial stages, the cure for herpes will be more quicker and the person need not have blister for a longer period. During the initial stages of the herpes virus treatments, medicines are taken to control the spread of the virus. Developing and improving the immunity of our body is also under consideration during the initial stage of the herpes virus treatments.

Once the virus causes the blisters, curing the blisters is the main aim of the herpes virus treatments. During the curing stage, medicines like Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir are taken. Taking these medicines for herpes virus treatments may cause side effects in some persons. Side effects like nausea, vomiting and headaches are common for people who take herpes virus treatments. Food items that are rich in lysine are taken during herpes virus treatments. Vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E are taken to expedite the process of curing in herpes virus treatments.





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