Commonly Available Natural Herpes Treatment

Natural herpes treatment is the most preferred way by many people around the world for treatment of herpes. It is believed that natural herpes treatment is somewhat a permanent cure for herpes, though it is not so. Herpes may reactivate anytime the immunity of the human body is reduced due to stimulants like fever, cold, or any hormonal changes that occur in the body.

Natural herpes treatment involves taking herbs and natural products that are available. Most of the medicines that are used in the natural herpes treatment are easily available at very low cost when compared to the other medicines in other type of herpes treatment.Lots of websites sell medicines over the web which is used for natural herpes treatment. Some of the medicines that are used in natural herpes treatment and available over-the-counter in medical stores include Cimetadine, Incole-3-Carbinol (I3C) and Resveratrol. Omega-3 fatty acid are used in natural herpes treatment since they strengthen the cell membranes and make them resistant to virus infections. Lysine supplements and diets are also used in natural herpes treatment. Diets with high lysine/arginine ratio help in restraining the replication of the herpes simplex virus and hence these diets are highly preferred during the natural herpes treatment.

A lot of home remedies are available as a part of natural herpes treatment. Aloe vera juice is applied on the infections as one of the natural herpes treatment. During the natural herpes treatment is advised not to take foods like alcohol, chocolate, processed foods, deep fried foods like chips, nuts, and sugar. Dimethylsulphoxide is applied on the sores using cotton balls as one of the natural herpes treatment. Herbs like lomatium and chapparal are also used in the natural herpes treatment. Extracts of the herb Melissa officinalis on the blisters helps in expediting the healing process of the blisters. Lemon balm is also applied on the sores as one of the natural herpes treatment.





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