Oral Herpes Treatments - An Overview

Oral herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. A person affected by oral herpes will have difficulty in taking his food. New born babies will not feed on the milk if they have oral herpes. Hence oral herpes treatments are necessary for such people. Oral herpes treatments include medicines, allopathic or herbal or natural, diagnosis, and cure.

During oral herpes treatments the foods that are taken by the patients have to be scrutinized to include foods that assist in the oral herpes treatments. Oral herpes may spread to other persons especially to nursing mothers if their babies have oral herpes. Kissing a person with oral herpes may also spread this virus to the other person.Oral drugs and intravenous formulations are administered only to persons who are immuno deficient during the oral herpes treatments. Normal healthy persons with good immune system are not administered oral drugs during oral herpes treatments unless otherwise they are severely affected by herpes. Drugs like acyclovir are available in the form of pills, ointments, and intravenous formulations for oral herpes treatments. Of these forms the pill form of this drug is most preferred for oral herpes treatments.

Valacyclovir and Famciclovir are the other drugs that are more popular for oral herpes treatments. For some persons these drugs may not work during oral herpes treatments. For such persons there is another medicine called foscarnet, which is used for oral herpes treatments. During the initial stages of oral sores, ice cubes are placed on the sores to prevent any spread of the herpes virus to other parts. This method used in oral herpes treatments helps to restrict the movements of the virus from the nerve cells to the skin surface to cause blisters.





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