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To remove herpes means to cure herpes. This should be kept in mind as it is not possible to completely remove herpes simplex virus from your body. After we cure herpes, the herpes simplex virus will remain dormant in the roots of the nerve cells. It may be reactivated again at the stimulation of external agents like fever, flu, sunlight, menstruation, and cold which may reduce the immunity of our body.

Anything which results in the weak immune system would trigger the herpes virus again to cause sores to appear in our body. To remove herpes a person has to follow strict diet and take the medicines regularly. The diet which is taken to remove herpes should contain rich lysine content in it. Foods that have high arginine content will not help to remove herpes.A person can start taking medicines to remove herpes once he sees the symptoms of herpes in his body. There are lots of medicines available over the counter that are used to remove herpes.

Medications like acyclovir, valacyclovir and famciclovir are used to remove herpes. Vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E are also taken to remove herpes. These vitamins expedite the process of curing herpes. Some people may experience pain around the sores. There are medications available to control the pain that is caused by herpes. Persons with weak immune system can take valacyclovir to remove herpes. This is actually a compound that has acyclovir in it. But this compound is used in person who have weak immune system, like persons who are HIV positive, to remove herpes.

Certain foods that are rich in lysine are taken during the process of curing to remove herpes. Food items that should be avoided include alcohol, sugar, processed foods, and deep fried foods. Certain herbal products like Herb Aid are also used to remove herpes. Other herbal products that are used to remove herpes include Selenium picolinate and wobenzym-N. Essential oils like Tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil are also used to remove herpes.





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