Allopathic and Natural Treatment for Herpes

Herpes simplex is the virus that causes blisters in the upper of lower part of our body. These blisters are filled with clear fluid or cloudy fluid. This virus remains dormant in our nerve system and it is reactivated by external agents like sunlight. Upon reactivation the virus moves from the nerve roots to the surface of the skin to cause blisters. Treatment for herpes can be to control the spreading of the virus during the initial stages of the outbreak. Treatment for herpes also involves treating the blister after the outbreak. There are lots of across the counter medicines available for the treatment for herpes. Allopathic and natural medicines are used in the treatment for herpes. Homeopathic medicines are also available in the market for treatment for herpes.

Acyclovir cream is a topical cream that is available for the treatment for herpes. Vitamin E gel is also applied on the infected area to expedite the process of curing in the treatment for herpes. Zinc also has the property of speeding up the curing process and hence this is also used in the treatment for herpes. Anti-HSV pills are also available in the market for treatment for herpes. These anti-HSV pills are used in treatment for herpes only for very severe outbreak of blisters. For persons who are affected by genital herpes, it is advised to avoid having sex with their partners during the treatment for herpes, as this may spread the virus to them also.

Herbs like chapparal, lomatium are used in the treatment for herpes from the good old days and are still the sought out herbs for treatment for herpes. Persons who are undergoing treatment for herpes should avoid alcohol intake and avoid food like chocolates, deep fried foods like even chips, most of the nuts, processed foods, and sugar. During the treatment for herpes, a mixture of equal proportions of tinctures of Echinacea, calendula, oats, burdock and lomatium is created. This mixture is taken ½ teaspoon daily for four or five times a day as a treatment for herpes. Early treatment for herpes during the initial stages is mostly advised since this will reduce the duration of the sores in the body.





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