Importance of Treatments for Oral Herpes

Oral herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1. This causes blisters to appear on the mouth. Blisters may also appear around the nostrils, if a person is affected by this virus. There are many treatments for oral herpes available and a person can choose one depending on the nature of their body.

Treatments for oral herpes are essential for children if they are affected by oral herpes. The sores in their mouth would prevent them to have their food easily. Application of aloe vera juice over the sores would improve the healing process. This is one of the methods used in the treatments for oral herpes. Anti-HSVs are also available in the market for treatments for oral herpes. Acyclovir is available in the pill form for use in treatments for oral herpes. Treatments for oral herpes for new born babies are essential if they are infected with oral herpes. Unless treatments for oral herpes are given for these babies they may find it difficult to feed their milk. Oral herpes in babies may be transmitted to the nursing mothers and blisters may appear on their nipples and areolas. The reverse case is also possible. Herpes may be transmitted from the nursing mother to their babies. In both the cases treatments for oral herpes gains importance.

As one of the many treatments for oral herpes, ice cubes are applied on the sores to soothe the sores and to restrict the movement of the virus from the root of the nerve cells to the skin surface. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are taken as supplements to reduce the duration of the sores when taking treatments for oral herpes. Food items rich in an amino acid lysine is preferred over arginine during the treatments for oral herpes. Treatments for oral herpes should be taken immediately as soon as the first symptoms for it appears. This will help in reducing the duration of the sores in our body. Though we can cure the sores, it is not guaranteed that it will not appear again.





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