Effective Cures for High Blood Pressure

One of the most important things you can do to reduce your stroke risk is to keep your blood pressure under control — below 120/80 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). About 70 percent of strokes occur in people with high blood pressure. If you've had a stroke, lowering your blood pressure could provide you protection from a subsequent transient ischemic attack or stroke.

With the steady rise of the cases of high blood pressure, there is an increasing need and demand for an Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure. The Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure tries to look at controlling and, sometimes even, curing the problem of blood pressure altogether. An Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure can heal the problem without taking recourse to medicines- natural or drug-related. The logic behind the alternative treatment of high blood pressure is an attempt to treat the problem by treating the very source of it.

As the source of High Blood Pressure is generally stressed, the Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure teaches the patient a course in meditation. Another positive advantage of alternative treatment of high blood pressure is that the patient gets relief, as s/he begins to increase the hours of meditation. This form of Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure is a way of creating absolute peace inside the patient. Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure thereby rules out any kind of stress conditions in the life of the patient. The Treatment aims at reaching a state of inner equilibrium.

An advantage of an Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure is that the treatment can be undertaken without wasting time on establishing a diagnosis. Even herbal medicines for High Blood Pressure can be administered after a proper diagnosis, verifying the extent of the High Blood Pressure rise.. An Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure is thus an easier option and can be undertaken in the most primitive conditions.

Another Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure with a proven record of success is the use of magnets to treat the ailment. The administration of this form of treatment can be done, after the expertise is mastered. Sometimes, the wearing of metals like copper and iron in the form of a bangle or a locket helps. For others, the safe use of homoeopathic medicines and bio chemic doses has been an effective choice in the Alternative Treatment of High Blood Pressure.In ayurveda, high blood pressure is treated according to each person’s dosha, or constitutional type. High blood pressure is most often found in pitta and kapha types.

Ayurvedic approaches often include a diet low in salt and fat, yoga breathing exercises, and herbs such as sankhapuspi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) and ashwagandha (Withania somnifera).In traditional Chinese medicine, high blood pressure is often a problem of circulation of energy (qi) in the body. Poor diet and emotional imbalance are just some of the factors that can lead to this condition. A combination of acupuncture and herbs is often recommended to balance energy flow. Secondary high blood pressure is often due to exhaustion of energy reserves. This is called kidney yin deficiency. The treatment goal is to build up and restore energy.

Stress Management – Mind/body techniques to help manage stress include yoga, meditation, biofeedback, qigong, relaxation exercises, breathing exercises, and hypnotherapy. There have been numerous studies that suggest these techniques can effective in managing high blood pressure, in combination with other approaches.

Exercise - Regular exercise can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and decrease resting heart rate, which is a sign of heart health. Before beginning a new exercise program, a person with high blood pressure should consult a qualified health professional. Adopting these proven alternative techniques for reducing the high blood pressure fetches good results in the most of the patients. Sticking on to the alternative therapy with slight life change styles definitely yield you the positive results.





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