5 Major Health Benefits that Vitamin Supplements Endow on a Person

Bad habits in your lifestyle

Smoking, alcohol, even breathing the air around us that might be polluted are the main causes that tend to destroy our body step by step.

Generally we don’t pay any attention to our responsibilities and think that taking vitamins doesn’t do good anymore since our control is lost while considering the major risks with all our bad habits.

When Vitamin C is taken every day, it can give a little change that it can reduce the effects of smoking and even the amount of alcohol intake can be reduced.

Osteoporosis and birth defects

Lessening of bones is termed as Osteoporosis that occur gradually, particularly to women in their later years of age. Osteoporosis is mainly caused due to failing of hormones, very low calcium intake in the diet and a very little physical activities.

To reduce the risks of the disease it is better to take calcium supplements that can build and maintain tough bones and teeth.

While considering the vitamins, too little folic acid which is one of the Vitamin B complex substances may bring about birth defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Hence the pregnant women are highly recommended to take these vitamins in the early trimesters.

Less heart disease and cleaner arteries

Risk of heart disease are found to be less for the people who take Vitamin E supplements. The efficiency of vitamin E against cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks) have been proved by many university studies.

People (40%) who had taken the supplement for a period of two years have shown better results than the other percentage who never tried for it.

It is important for a healthy heart to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. By taking Vitamin E your chance of developing clogged arteries can be reduced and hence heart attacks can be discouraged.

Low calories diet and low immunity

The visual image of skinny models as a good thing are being promoted by many industries which pose problem to other women and girls because they too want to be like the thin cat walk girls who become their role models. Hence they do this by refusing food and proper nutrition and become anorexic.

Anorexia causes the vitamin loss in the body that has been taken for promoting healthy body and hence produce a weaker body.

Due to lack of vitamins in a low calorie diet there are high risks of getting sick very easily which is greatly associated with low immunity.

The loss of nutritive substances by taking low calorie diets can be adjusted in acquiring vitamin and calcium supplements from a medical store hence the vulnerability to infections and diseases due to this can be lessened.

Reduced cancer risk

Certain cancers can be avoided by taking Vitamin E. A John Hopkins University research have proved that vitamin E supplements were found to a decrease in skin cancer. The same applies for Vitamin A (beta-carotene) supplement, as well.

People who took vitamin E for at least a six months trial were only half as probable to develop oral cancer. This was established by the researchers of National Cancer Institute.

A Finnish study explained and showed that individuals with the lowest levels of vitamin E in their body had a 50% higher risk of developing any type of cancer.

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