Are You Aware that Your Immune System will take a Beating without Vitamins

The immune system is composed of a multifaceted arrangement of particular organs and blood cells that guard the body and fight against the attack of various unknown organisms.

It also destroys bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses that are harmful to us. If the immune system is not maintained by giving proper care.

It may break down thus making our body become defenseless against a violent flood of bad health that can range from small problems to life threatening illnesses.

By giving proper nourishment and taking excellent care of the immune system, it can be well maintained than any other system in our body.

Our good health depends on this system where we need to provide good nourishment.

If too much physical and moral stress is put upon it without being revived through good nourishment etc it can fail to give us the protection we need to continue in good health and thus we become prone to many diseases ranging from small to very serious problem.

The immune system works at an optimal level only in the presence of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins includes the vitamin C, beta carotene and folic acid and the minerals are manganese, zinc and selenium. quantities.

These ingredients help us to fight off disease and infection only when taken in sufficient quantities.

Consistently good quantities of all these components are needed for the best working of the immune system. The immune system also needs high-quality protein ingestion because the antibodies that protect us against microbes are proteins.

There are no specific pills that can be consumed for strengthening the action of the immune system. But it has to be done by supplying good nourishment and vitamins.

The various factors which disturb the balance of the immune system include

• Undernourishment (poor diet / reduced eating behavior that brings a deficiency in the quantity of needed minerals, vitamins and antioxidants).

• Any type of Drug usage including intravenous type. (this is also related to associated factors such as reduced diet, use of tainted/dirty needles, lack of physical exercise, fretfulness/anxiety).

• Alcohol misuse which is one of the easiest ways to destroy the immune system.

• Prescript antibiotics (including anti-cancer drugs, corticosteroids, and similar medication);

• Contact with specific ecological contaminants, i.e. toxic waste and also can include cigarette smoke.

• Pressure/Anxiety (specially when corticosteroid medication are taken emotional worry can seriously boost your vulnerability to colds and other viral illnesses).

• Emission of radiations(can be from natural sources as well as man made).

• Age, where the ability of the immune system to respond is diminished as people get older. Children also have a lower immune system.

• Insufficient sleep( we should take at least 4-5 hours of Delta sleep per night). A lack of sleep is one of the main reasons why the immune system is compromised in many people.

• Lack of physical exercise ( the health of our immune system can be increased by performing various exercises).

It’s easy to understand that ensuring our immune system is kept as healthy as possible will have long lasting consequences on our health as a whole.

Hence we are supposed to take adequate nourishment plus a daily role in our fight against illness and disease by having a safeguarded immune system.

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