Got Elderly People in your House? Better add Vitamins to your Love

As people become old, they are often prone to illnesses that had the capacity to get recovered in their younger age.

Therefore in the elderly stage, it is more important that they take adequate amounts of vitamins to make them fit for an optimum health.

Only very few elderly people take vitamin supplements as shown in a statistics and hence the other percentage can have a potentially devastating effect on their health and well being and can even ultimately cause premature death.

When any slight pain or ache is felt by an older person it shows a sign of disease; hence they first prefer usually to take painkillers, antibiotics or even feel they just have to live with it.

Only very few older people consider adding vitamin supplements to help their nutrition which then assists in combating disease.

It is important for the elderly people to be more aware of adding vitamin substances to their diet, to improve their health and probably lead a longer life.

The antibiotics when consumed in large amounts by the elder people, may act against the nutrients in the body, thus becoming a bad situation by producing effects because the body becomes even more weak and vulnerable to succumbing to illness and injury.

Hence they should take good care of themselves in their golden years. Many of them live alone on reduced incomes and so they are often unable or can ill afford to prepare nourishing food.

This may be problematic which then has an adverse effect on their health. Since they are unable to perform exercises (often house bounded), their physical problems can become much worse.

Inadequate nutrition can be compensated by just taking a vitamin supplement which has been designed for them could make up the deficit.

Considering the example of the Vitamin D, it has the same important role in the body for any human being (may be a child, adult or elderly).

This vitamin helps to keep healthy bones by providing calcium and thus strengthens up the entire body. Elderly people lose calcium extremely quickly resulting in osteoporosis.

Hence this vitamin is very much essential for them.
Free radicals, which are unbalanced substances are harmful to elders which if uncontrolled cause problems in the body.

This can be compared with the rust appearing on your car over the years. Antioxidants can be taken which assist in eradicating these free radicals thus improving the health and prolong life.

Antioxidants are found in the fruits and vegetables, which contain vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E. But only a small number of elderly people consume the necessary quantity for the antioxidants to do their work.

Antioxidants also assist in improving the immune system and thus can protect the elderly people. As we get older, our skin cells start to diminish. It becomes less flexible and is more prone to injury.

Thus skin requires Vitamin K to maintain its health and so it is important to take an adequate amount of vitamin K. The deficiency of Vitamin K can also cause Alzheimer's disease.

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