Few Liquid Vitamin Myths are Busted here

The different brands of liquid vitamins released on the market have been made public by means of several amazing claims.

Ever since the period of research into the benefits offered by taking vitamins first began, the liquid vitamins were supposed to be the greatest step forward.

The reality depending on some specific factors relating to the people who choose liquid vitamins instead of other types is much different.

Liquid vitamins are advantageous for people who can’t swallow any type of tablet or pill. Especially for children and senior people liquid vitamins are the best solution.

The disadvantages of liquids is their contact with stomach acids, which are very strong and usually dilute or destroy everything they come across.

This is problematic because vitamins are best absorbed in the upper intestine and nutrients are already dissolved when they get there.

Hence in this case the usage of the tablets and pills are better, as they are made of a material able to resist digestion until they get to the upper intestine to be digested into the body.

You should ensure that your vitamins do not irritate your stomach when tablets are taken instead of liquid vitamins.

Hence a protective enteric covering can be seen on them which is very useful as it is a cautiously planned deliverance structure that guarantees the delivery of nutrients to the right part of the body (i.e. the gut).

This enteric coating can make all the difference in some people who are intolerant to the ingredients in the vitamin tablet and they can consider liquid vitamins as an alternative.

The amount of enzymes content is extremely low in liquid vitamins which may pose some problem. Enzymes are essential for a healthy body and has been proved by researches that they can’t survive in liquid for more than 24 hours.

Hence again pills are probably a better option. Again, pills and tablets are more efficient as enzymes survive within pill or tablet until its expiry period.

During the initial stages of appearance of liquid vitamins in the market several of its types were sold for an extremely high price. This was because it was assumed that they had a better efficiency and value than the tablet forms.

Now this has been proved of not having better efficiency than tablet forms. So the price is gradually coming down for these liquid type vitamins and thus the people find it cheaper to buy.

Some tablet vitamins appear too hard to be dissolved in the digestive system because of the problem of quality and these types of vitamins should be avoided as any reputable company should not sell you junk type medication.

Many nutritionists suggest that if a healthy well balanced diet is eaten, vitamin requirement will be fully satisfied. But many people, instead of taking proper required nutrition ,take supplements for achieving optimum health.

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