Want to Make Your Child Grow in to a Healthy Adult? Never Compromise on Catering to Vitamin D Needs of Your Child

Our human system to work normally and properly requires substances known as vitamins.

These vitamins are needed for healthy vision, for developing and strengthening bones and connective tissue, to fight against illness, sickness and cancer, to restore us to health, to avoid blood loss and death, and for safer healthy and strong teeth.

All these processes are applicable to children also. So when we consider the age and growth factors of children, they need more vitamin supplements probably than adults.

Deficiency of vitamins in the children indicates signs and symptoms of the particular lacking vitamin which they are in need.

Children’s organism and biological systems are not much evolved as those of adults and hence they are more vulnerable to the devastating penalties of vitamin absence that get worsened in the later period.

Therefore it is essential that childhood is safer for correcting any vitamin deficiency. If it is not done in that period then these children can grow into very unhealthy sickly adults.

A good example that can demonstrate this point is the outcome of Vitamin D deficiency in children.

There is a high risk of developing Rickets (failure of bone development to a correct shape thus causing physical deformity) for a child who does not receive an adequate amount or generates enough vitamin D themselves.

To maintain normal blood levels of vitamin D in the body it takes calcium out of the bones to meet its deficiency. Hence this can cause problems with the development of bones in children.

Moreover, newborn babies with underprivileged mothers can also develop rickets very quickly which is seen more obviously in the colder weather and darker-skinned children.

Windows and pollution such as smog and haze can also obstruct the sun’s rays preventing a child producing vitamin D. This can also cause serious illnesses both in their childhood and later in life.

Vitamin D deprived children have fragile bones, such as a slight, pliant skull, which if pushed can feel like touching a ping-pong ball and the head form may be atypical; teeth will be developed slowly having inappropriate shape with a lot of cavities.

The ankles and wrists of these children may become inflamed. “Rachitic rosary” occurs when the endings of their rib bones sometimes expand thus creating a sequence of lumps.

The other problems are Curved legs, knock-knees, or ruptures and these children are also predisposed to sweat a lot in comparison to the average child.

To avoid rickets in babies, only a small amount of vitamin D is needed per day.

Hence their mothers should also be certain that they also receive adequate amounts of vitamin D especially before becoming pregnant. It is important that their babies are outdoors at least a couple of times a week, with a caution to sunburn.

To conclude, there is a strong relationship between vitamins and children. Therefore Daily supplements for children is considered to be important especially if their diet is lacking in nutrition which will help in ensuring the child ‘s growth and to become a healthy adult.



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