Ever Knew that Herbs Hold Vitamins in Disguise

It is important to understand what herbs are and their effects on our body system. This will make us easier to discuss about similarities and difference between vitamins and herbs.

It is generally thought that herbs are just plants which are added into our food while cooking to give it extra flavor. This is true to an extent, but herbs are much more far effective than that.

Herbs are plants and they are usually developed for gastronomic and therapeutic uses. In some countries it is even traditionally divine worth.

Mainly the green piece of the herb is usually the part of the plant which is used for many purposes.The broad-spectrum usage varies among gastronomic herbs and therapeutic herbs.

The variation is that a therapeutic herb is usually a hedge plant or other wooded one, while a gastronomic herb is a softener, flourishing plant. In distinction, spices are represented by the fruits, root, seeds, or extra elements like leaves of the plant.

Any part of an herb can be used for therapeutic reasons depending on the purpose that it is used. Gastronomic herbs, when compared to vegetables are used in modest quantities and they supply more flavor to cooking.

Herbs can be used as an alternative medicine for treatments of different organic systems within our body. Many alternative practitioners think that herbal treatments can be much more effective than antibiotics, vitamins or minerals.

This is because natural herbs are known to be rich in substances which act as vitamins and are more efficient .

Diaphoretic herbs are used for various purposes that can range from a blood purifier to laxatives or for suppressing coughs and fighting cancers and other more serious illnesses.

Hence they are found to be bitter and caustic and act as an antibacterial, antifungal or anti rheumatic and anti-inflammatory. Thus when related to illness or injury, both the herbs and vitamins have similarities as they work to regain the health of the person consuming them.

Herbology is concerned traditionally with that of Chinese medicine, since it has been used in China for many years.

Chinese herbalist recommends every herbal remedy which is a mixture of herbs that is specific for certain people. This is prepared by boiling a bunch of herbs twice over an hour.

The Chinese therapist initially examines their patient and then decides the correct herbs for their treatment and later mixes the medication.

Then the herbalist fine-tunes or modifies the recipe to enhance the patient's yin/yang state of being. This is to make safe that the patient recovers much more quickly.

To ensure toxicity or side-effects various components are added to the mixture in a minimal dosage .

A vast knowledge of herbs is a must for the herbalist as if mixed in the wrong quantity or by any improper way, they can be lethal and have direct consequences on the health of the person consuming them.

Many people have died or been very ill as a result of taking herbs which have been prepared by an inadequately trained herbalist.

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