Want to Make Your Food More Nutritious? Supplement it with Vitamins

An enormous debate on vitamins versus food can be seen every where either throughout the internet, or a health magazine, either in a doctor’s office or at the TV.

Many questions can be raised regarding this matter like Is food enough for a healthy life or is vitamin supplements needed in the diet? Why to take vitamins if one is on a diet? Don’t vitamins help increase weight ?

A real industry of food and vitamins have come up wherein many people started selling vitamins and supplements to run their companies on the thoughts and worries of the general public thus building a main business.

Now, let’s see one by one at a time with clear reality. The first thing to say is that healthy nutrition does not mean taking of plenty food.

Now a days for the fruits and vegetables to grow bigger and quicker , pesticides are being used. Hence there is a irremediable loss of the main nutrients.

When this foodstuff is consumed it does not necessarily give us the nutrition that we need within our diet. Unfortunately food that is good for us is usually grown organically and tends to be very expensive and hence for those people who live on limited incomes it becomes highly difficult.

Even the animals that we consume are also artificially fed. Meat and fish are not well farmed as it was in the past years. Most of our food contains coloring and antibiotics which often plays havoc with our bodily systems.

So considering all these factors, the single and most comfortable solution will be taking vitamin supplements for having a healthy body.

To say in simple words, think of your body as of a house. A lack of vitamins and minerals in the body is like a house without windows, doors or roof.

When there is deprivation in the need of the nutrients and minerals, our body would face a similar reaction as that of the action of cold and hot weather, of winds and rain on the house.

So it is now important to understand the intake of vitamin supplements and their effects. Thus it needed to develop a strong bone system and a protected heart and normal blood pressure for a healthy living.

Every one would like to have beautiful skin, hair and nails and also an improved physical and mental energy.

Another important fact is that vitamins do not imply a higher weight. This myth is wrong. Our body accepts only the specific amount of vitamins that are needed for proper work and the rest are eliminated either through sweat, or urine.

Overdosing of vitamins and supplements for an impact on your weight may be harmful. The cause of obesity and weight problems are mainly in eating too much food or a disease and not by daily multivitamin. But the appetite may be raised by its intake.

Be moderate and accept the needs of your body by giving it the meals and supplements it requires. Also do some physical exercises so that the result will be seen in no time, thus giving a healthy body with a healthy mind.



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