An overview to fertility treatment

Not all the infertile patients require fertility treatment. Before deciding what treatment to use, the specialist carries out some routine tests to confirm whether the woman is ovulating eggs is tested for the levels of some hormones called progesterone and follicle-stimulating hormone.

The woman will have an ultrasound scan of the womb, tubes and ovaries. Same time, the man needs to produce a sample of semen for a sperm test to check the sperm count, motility and structure prior to fertility treatment. We should not think, these tests that are to confirm the need of fertility treatment are wasteful and unnecessary. Investigations for infertility are usually undertaken in specialized hospitals only. Before the doctors decide or suggest the treatment, one or more above tests, which subject their infertile patients, are mandatory.

During fertility treatment for the female, the Ovulation Induction is stimulating the inactive ovary to produce eggs. Ovulation induction is also the first stage of preparation for in-vitro fertilization, which is the fertility treatment needed by most women whose tubes are damaged. Ovulation induction increases the chances of having a multiple pregnancy (twins, etc). Egg collection is the next process to remove the ripe eggs in order to fertilize them.

Fertility treatment for the male starts with the Sperm function tests and many tests have been devised to analyse the sperms’ fertilizing potential. Most of the sperm related test results and information are overlapping between fertile and infertile men thus the treatment restricted only to improve sperm count and acidity. Now a day’s many patterns of Fertility treatment are advised by the specialist including donor embryo and / or donor sperm. The treatment mostly depends on women body condition and cooperation to undergo three to four cycles. As no insurance policy covers any Fertility treatment, you'll have to plan well financially.




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