Increase Sperm Volume

Researchers reported a drop of 50% in sperm count since the 1930s, so it is indeed necessary to increase sperm volume. To increase sperm volume, number of factors should be taken into consideration. Environmental issues play an important part, and then come diet.

Normally, to increase sperm volume one has to lead a healthy life style. There are a few natural methods which are used. Keeping away from nutritional deficiencies can improve hormone function, inhibit sperm production, and improve sperm volume. The following supplements help to increase sperm volume. Arginine, is very much needed to increase sperm volume. If the sperm count is below 10 million per ml, Arginine has no effect.

So it should be checked and it also helps to increase the motility level of sperms. Apart from Arginine, a few others like coenzyme q10 and essential fatty acids help to increase sperm volume.The major one, to increase sperm volume is Flexseed oil. Pumpkin seeds are naturally high in zinc and essential fatty acids which are vital to healthy functioning of the male reproductive system. Since to increase sperm volume, one has to rely on zinc, pumpkin seeds are a healthy diet.

Preliminary research suggests oral Adenosyl and Methionine may increase sperm activity in infertile men. The sperm count is important, but the fertility of the same is given more priority. Motility or popularly called sperm motility is actually the fertility level of a given sperm. So rather trying to work on an increase in sperm volume, it is better to act accordingly with respect to fertility level. So, to increase sperm volume one has to take into consideration, the motility level too.




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