Understanding Male Fertility

Simple measures suggested that we could take to improve the quality of male fertility. Actually the birth of sperm can be described as spermatids that remain attached to the tubule wall and they are nurtured by the Sertoli cells. Approximately about 60 days, the sperm grow, mature, and travel through the tubules to a central storage area called the Epi-Didymis. Here the sperm become powerful swimmers.

After every ejaculation, it takes about forty hours for Epi-Didymis to refill with mature sperm. But most men know very little about what contributes to reproductive health. We seldom think about male fertility or the health of our sperm. Medical science demands us to consider male fertility and be protective of it. Certainly, there are many things advised to safeguard male fertility for the well- being of our future children.

It all starts with being more knowledgeable about male fertility in general and about behavioral choices and environmental hazards that can adversely affect male fertility. Even very normal living activities like soaking in hot water baths or sauna bath may affect male fertility. Even high temperature fever may bring down fertility easily. The testicles, the storage place of sperm, are situated in the scrotum mainly because it is cooler there than inside the abdominal cavity.

Luxury and modern living style may affect male fertility. Smoking is associated with a decreased sperm count, reduced sperm motility and an increase in the number of inactive sperms. It is highly advised to maximize male fertility potency to achieve pregnancy. Planned Diet like having 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day and regular body exercise which helps to keep your weight within normal limits and reduces stress levels will boost male fertility. Some times, Pituitary Hormones may malfunction which affect the male fertility. Treating Pituitary gland is very cheap and then you can try other ways for betterment.




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