About Male Fertility, and its Treatment Information

Every body wonders when a couple try hard for a baby but no specific abnormalities are found to account for this problem, then the couple has infertility which is not a disease. It is predictable that patients would expect a medical therapy to improve sperm production or quality, given the number and varieties of treatment that are now available for various medical problems.

We recommended not following any unrecognized - ineffective - nonspecific medical treatments for male infertility. Much number of treatments has been proposed as specific for men with infertility. However the results of treatment are important to remember that dramatic natural variation in sperm quality can occur in men with male infertility. Therefore, infertile men empirically treated may not be compared to other men with impaired sperm quality for treatment who will have spontaneous improvement in semen parameters may artificially suggest a remarkable effect of an ineffective drug.

Using Anti- Estrogens, Aromatase inhibitors, phospho- Di- Esterase Inhibitors, Androgens, Zinc Sulphate, Vitamin E, A and Anti- Oxidants are among the commonly used drugs in male fertility treatment. No individual drug can predictably improve sperm function or fertility for men. Before considering any non-specific treatment, side effects, potential effects, and the documented benefits should be carefully presented to patients.

Moreover the habitual life style plays a vital role in getting good health. Not the Sex only plays in fertility but factor like sperm count, motility for men and the egg ovulating, embryo and acidity level in mucus are most important for the couple to get baby. So keep the option open for the advanced Assisted Reproductive Systems suggested, IVF and ICUI etc. for getting a health baby.

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