How to administer a Sports Therapy Massage

All athletes go for sports massage, to help them come out of injuries, to ease stress and to increase flexibility.

It also helps to drain away the tension built up in the muscles, which ultimately alleviate aches and pains.

To become a sports massage therapist, first of all, you should have studied human anatomy and been trained in basic massage therapy techniques.

Sports Therapy Massage: After an event

Mental and physical preparation is very crucial for an athlete before any sporting event, and sports massage therapist play very important role in helping athletes in this regard. It is these therapists who make a lot of difference in the end result.

Hence, if an athlete needs calming down, use Swedish massage techniques-long and slow strokes- for relaxation. Bringing aromatherapy in to your massage will make a definite impact during the massage session, as the room will have soft smell.

If the athlete requires instant energy, massage him or her with short, vigorous strokes. Mint or citrus scents will compliment the effects of your energizing sports therapy massage.

Your massage should be a shorter one, when you are closer to the time of performance. Otherwise, your wards timing and body balance will be in disarray.
Sports Therapy Massage: After an event

After any sporting event, athlete’s body will be full of toxins and massage will help clear all these toxins. Before start work on an athlete after an event, take a moment to assess him or her.

Enquire with the athlete how he or she feeling and what is the body condition. If the athlete shows any symptoms of injury, exhaustion or giddiness, refer him or her to a doctor.

After a performance, apply only a light and gentle massage. Smooth, gliding strokes with gentle squeezing and kneading will help encourage drainage of waste products from the body.

Sports Therapy Massage: as a regular feature

Since this massage work on broadening and elongating the muscles, promoting relaxation, and flush out of built up toxins, having sports therapy massages, a regular feature in the agenda will keep an athlete’s body fit and trim all the way through.

It is the sports massage therapist, who with their training and practice, ultimately help athletes achieve their peak performances.



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