Administering a Swedish massage

All about a Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a well-known type and considered by many as the best. Specifically designed to increase both circulation and blood flow.

This massage type use long flowing strokes, which are normally directed towards the direction of the heart.

There are six basic strokes in Swedish massage namely, effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, compression, and vibration.

To allow smoother strokes and reduce wrong kind of friction, usually a form of cream or lotion is applied to the skin.

The Basic requirements

Lighting aromatherapy candles to make an enhanced effect is the best start possible before the administration of Swedish massage. This will create a relaxing and comfortable environment around, without any interruption.

Such as children and pets, the session can go on. The room should be at a mild temperature and dimly lit. Then, the customer should be asked to lie down on a hard and even surface.

If you don’t have a massage table of your own, use a firm mattress or a futon. All the required materials such as hand towels and lubricants should be kept ready. Lubricants have high value in this, as they used to relax and help make smoother strokes on the body.

To begin with, always concentrate targeting the larger muscle groups first, such as the neck, shoulders, back, and legs. For the maximum and most pleasurable effect.

When you start from shoulders the sequence should be on to neck and then down the arms and onto the hands. Then you can return to the upper and lower back, working your way down to the thighs and calves, and ending off with the feet.

Effleurage, the fan stroke and the circling hands, are the three basic strokes involved here. Using soft and fluid strokes steadily with the palm of the hand is effleurage.

The fan stroke is done by sliding your hands up the shoulder blades and then up and over the shoulders, down to the lower back, so that you are basically drawing a coarse heart.

The circling hands, as the name suggests, is practiced by making counterclockwise circular motions, with your fingers always pointing in the same direction.



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