The Art of giving Body Massage

After a tiring day of work your body requires relaxation and this can be acquired through body massage.

To give the body massage, the guide should be a trained and skilled person, and should have gone through a professional course to handle this.

Techniques for a satisfying Body Massage

Massage Area: To begin with, prepare your massage area. It can either be on a chair, on a table or on a bed. In case of chair or a table, put warm towels or soft blanket on top of it.

Be it a chair, table, or a bed, the massage area should be firm and supportive. A soft, cushion like surface is not suitable for a good massage.

Means of support: It is always advisable to place some supporting aids like pillows, for your arms. You are supposed to place your arms on these in different positions during the massage.

Atmospheric conditions: Atmosphere plays a significant role during body massage sessions. . The room should be dimly lit, generally. Avoid using bright lights, which will stress the nerves.

Aromatherapy candles enhance the massage effect. A soft instrumental music during the session will have a soothing sensation.

Clothing: Even though body massage should be given to a bare body, which people may resist. At least the back portion should be devoid of clothes.

Massage Oil: Drop a little massage oil on your hands and rub gently on the recipient’s back. Don’t use too much oil, and let it absorb itself. Avoid making the person’s skin too slippery.

Fan Stroke: Before a deeper massage, this gentle movement is necessary and for this, place your hands flat on both sides of the recipient’s spine just above the hips.

Don’t press on the spine itself, but gently on the sides of the spine and then, slide your hands forward slowly till they reach the shoulder blades. Move them over the shoulder blades and then back to the starting point. Repeat these movements several times.

Kneading Technique: Moving from fan stroke, kneading technique. involves slowly kneading only the muscles, not skin.

Raking: This is s process involving using your hands like a rake. Remember to use only your fingertips, not fingernails. At the end of the massage session, give a few feather light touches.

Draw your fingers slowly and gently down the back. Don’t press anywhere, just run your fingers over the skin.



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