Back Massage for Relaxation

We all love to have someone sit in our back and massage the muscles. Here are some tips to do back massage in a proper manner.

Back massage: How to apply

One should know the basics to give a proper back massage, the person going to get massaged should lie down on their stomach on an even surface and the person going to give have easy access to the entire back. The idea is to have a smooth massage, on a comfortable platform.

Standing and kneel by their side, placing one of your hands on their lower back and the other hand between the shoulder blades, over the heart.

Then you can warm up their back by applying pressure with your thumbs along both sides of their spine simultaneously. . Rather than the other way around, you should start at the lower back and work your way up to the neck area.

Apply massage oil in delicate strokes, by using one long stroke and sliding your palms down either side of the spine to the pelvis. Then, scoop your hands out around their hips and back up the sides to the shoulder blades.

Remember to have constant contact with the back, and glide hands rather than removing rapidly are some of the basics to follow.Always perform clockwise circular friction with your fingertips along the muscles that are close to the spine and around the shoulder blades, as these are usually the tensest areas.

Rotate the arms gently, one at a time, in order to help loosen the shoulder joints and for an enhance blood flow. You should especially work on the areas that feel hard or tight, these are called Knots, and working these out will make the person more relaxed.
The benefits gained from Back massage include, relaxation, increased body awareness improved circulation, and lymphatic drainage for release of toxins.

When giving a Back massage, remember not to insert any direct pressure on spine, and avoid broken skin, blisters or infected areas.



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