The Essential Massage Equipments: for a Successful Therapy

If you are at the hands of a skilled masseuse, your spa experience will be an unforgettable one.

But good massage equipment also plays a significant role to make it more pleasurable to the recipient. Let us discuss more on this.

The basic requirements for a great massage experience

The Massage table – It is a point to note that you should not get hurt rather than healed in a massage therapy, the massage tables are designed in a specific way that they are not too firm or too soft.

Massage chair -There are special chairs as well for quick massages such as foot and ankle, neck and shoulders, arms and hands.

The important factor is the firmness and angles of these chairs, which does not allow you to get too comfortable as you may tend to fall asleep,

Bed spread and towels – White linen is mostly used in all spas as well as towels, because the color white is striking, and after each massage, these are changed,

Facial steamers – Special steamers are available for facial treatments, which will open the pores and will allow the therapist cleanse the face.

Lamps– This is an essential piece of massage equipment, needed mostly for facials. Lamps normally come incorporated with a magnifying glass, which enable the therapist to see and remove impurities.

The other Massage Equipments

Massage oils and creams – To make a slippery skin for an easy massage, massage oils and creams are used.

Hot stones – These are mostly used to ease a tensed up area or muscle is a must to do on all massages.

Candle and Music – Since dim lighting and soft music tend to create a relaxed atmosphere, candles and soft music are used, but it is left to the desire of the person receiving the massage.

But above all, it is finally all ends up with a skilled masseuse, who’s soft hands tend to take away all the pain and strain from your body, and make you come back again to him or her for treatment.



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