Foot Massage: Energy Booster for Your Tired Feet

This Foot Massage is an energy boosting activity to our tired and tested feet.

The name of study of foot massage is known as Reflexology and we are going to learn more on this massage through this article.

A foot massage is sure and safe way to the feet feel easy and relaxed. A simple rubbing of soles of the feet and taking care of tender areas will reap many benefits.

Techniques to be followed

The first and foremost thing you have to consider in a foot massage is to have two or three towels handy as well as to keep enough lotions or creams.

Even though they all work, to different degrees, rich cream would be ideal and works better than a hand lotion or oil for feet having rough calluses and hard skin.

For tired feet, use creams scented with eucalyptus or mint, both of which work wonders. Tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant, and by mixing a few drops of essential oil with unscented creams you can prepare your own concoction.

The second important factor to note before the beginning of the foot massage session is the feet should be absolutely clean.

For this, soak feet with a cup of Epsom salt that has been dissolved in a gallon of warm water that will help in the distressing. And you have to make sure that the feet are completely dried up, between the toes of the feet as well

One foot at a time and following a routine, massage the feet. Starting from top and right down to the bottom and then to the toes and ankles, massage the cream with care in to the whole foot.

Working little more deeply by applying strokes around the feet and working your way up to the ankles and then on to the soles of the feet is the next step. You can keep a towel below to protect the recipient’s clothes.

Apply some more pressure and continue by going over the sole again, taking care to insert more pressure on points that may be experiencing chronic pain. When massaging the toes, use gentle and circular motions and stretch the feet a bit as you rub them.

Rub the feet gently by using even strokes; finish off the foot massage session by repeating all-over massage that was done at the beginning.

In finish, please make sure that the soles of the feet are dried up enough from accidental slipping. Now your feet are soft and ready again to take on this world.



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