Full Body Massage

What is it all about?

This full body massage is the commonly applied massage form for therapy and is a widely popular kind of massage, which relaxes the entire body.

This is a system of specific stroking, pressing and kneading of different areas of the body in order to relive pain and tone the body.

Tips for giving a full body massage

It is very imperative to set a proper mood for the person going to receive the massage before starting the session.

This means that before you start you should take a look at the support surface of both the client and yours, and as well consider the atmosphere; as these are two of the most basic and essential factors which has to be taken in to consideration.

To get the desired effect, please see to it that the lighting in the room is dim and remove things from the room that might create irritation. For an enhanced atmosphere, aromatherapy candles will be handy, as well as playing soft music.

Before starting, ensure that you keep everything necessary for the massage session ready. The items include, hand towels and massage oils for instance Lubricants, which when applied to the body helps in the smooth gliding of hands across client’s body.

And remember not to insert any direct pressure on the spine, avoid areas of broken skin and infected areas. All these will end up in a proper full body massage session.



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