Glamorous Work Place: In a Cruise Ship!

With regard to massage therapy as a profession, the opportunities are aplenty.

Some therapists choose to work in the medical line, others work prefer to work with athletes, and some will go for private practice or form a group.

But some therapists end up working in a dream setting-in a cruise ship! But how can we get in there?

A Placement agency, such as Cruise Job Line or Cruise Ship Jobs will help, if you sign up with them for a massage therapy job on a cruise ship. These agencies will do the groundwork to select the best candidate for this kind of a job.

These placement agencies do the research on cruise lines and their itineraries, assist with job applications and will update the applicant on who is hiring and what is the requirement. They will charge a one-time fee of around $50.

To say frankly, it is better you do your own research on the web sites of these cruise liners with regard to massage therapy jobs. Through this you can able to know what exactly the eligibility criteria, and also you can know about the past history of a particular cruise liner.

Carnival, for that matter, caters to a young, active audience. Princess, another one, attracts the older, and more upscale travelers.

If you able to get information like these through web research, you can pitch your resume accordingly and the presentation in a better way, which will help you land in a plum massage therapy job with a cruise liner.

The requirements to get a therapy job on a Cruise ship

Not every one can apply to this and it is very tough out there to get a job, to start with. These cruise liners usually pick the best among the lot.

To make yourself a contender, you should acquire national certification and licensed in your state (if your state offers licensure) and should have at least a year’s experience under your belt.

Since the passenger group consists of people from different countries and nationalities, one need to have the knowledge of different kinds of massage therapies—Swedish, sports, deep tissue, etc., to name a few.

You will be better off if you know specialty treatments such as aromatherapy, chakra tuning and alignment, hot rock massage, Reiki, etc.,

Getting a massage therapy assignment on a cruise ship can take sometime. So, if you are not called up immediately, do not panic.

Use the time to update yourself on the skill sets you know and strike at the right time with the best of the employers in this segment.



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