Going for the correct type of Massage Technique

Choosing the right type of massage technique, in reality, is a big deal.

Selecting a specific massage technique that is required to a particular client is so crucial to make the session an effective one, rather it will cause mild to serious injuries.

How can you choose the right type of Massage Technique?

Since there are different types of massages prevalent, it will be an arduous and frustrating task to decide which technique is effective for a particular situation.

The most basic massages available are: Acupressure, deep muscle massage, connective tissue massage, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, infant massage, myofascial release, myotherapy, polarity therapy, reiki, rolfing, shiatsu, sports massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, and trigger point are the most basic massages available now.


Acupressure is a massage technique that is basically derived from acupuncture, which involves placing physical pressure by using hand or elbow, as well as with the aid of various other, specifically designed devices.

Acupressure is the application of pressure or localized massage to specific sites on the body, and symptoms such as nausea pain, and bleeding are being controlled by this massage technique.

This massage technique has been derived from traditional Chinese medicine, and relief from pain is the primary result of this technique, which works by involving pressure on particular points in the body, which are noted and labeled as acupressure points.

In acupuncture it is the same method of locating certain points in the body and inserting pressure on these points, which relieve pain and the body, gets relaxed.

Acupressure massage is actually a combination of acupuncture and massage, and primarily uses that of the thumbs and fingertips in order to apply pressure massage on proper pressure points.

Apart from usage of pressure, on very specific parts of the body, cold or light massage is also often used to bring about relief through greater balance and circulation of the energies in the body.

Acupressure is easily the most popular massage technique even though there different types of massage techniques available now. The effects are very dramatic and obvious, even for a first time user.



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