All about a Licensed Massage Therapist

It is often said that if you are able to find a good physician, you are half-cured to begin with.

The same thing can be applied to your search for a licensed massage therapist as well. Here are some pointers, which will help in your search.

A licensed massage therapist, is actually a licensed health professional and is specialized in the field of Massage, They are well-learned men and women, having the knowledge of using a combination of therapeutic techniques in order to stimulate and enhance the physical and mental well being of his or her customer.

They often have close coordination with other health professionals, viz., physiotherapists, chiropractors and. octeopaths.

Types of Massages

Some of the most common types of massage techniques are: barefoot deep tissue, bowen therapy, breema, chair massage, Chinese Tui Na massage, Chinese Zhi Ya massage, deep muscle therapy, and deep tissue massage.

Even though there are different types of massages to choose from, and if you are interested in a particular type of massage, there are professionals who have specialized in that particular type of massage.

The other options

Effleurage, erotic massage, esalen massage, foot or sole massage, lomilomi, MA-URI massage, muscle energy technique, myofascial release, myoskeletal alignment technique, neuromuscular therapy, petrissage, scalp massage, shiatsu, soft tissue therapy, stone massage, structural muscular balancing, Swedish massage, Tai Ji massage, Tantric massage, Thai massage, and Trigger point therapy are some of the other options available to the lay man.

The licensed massage therapist will guide you to the best one which suits to your body system.

How we can identify a Licensed Massage Therapist

If you are on the search for a licensed massage therapist, your search tool is to look in the Internet. You can able to find a licensed massage therapist of your area, with a flick of button through powerful internet searches.

And most of the top companies have updated websites and you can even sign up with them on-line. Your areas Department of Health specialists will have an updated listing of all licensed massage therapists in and around your district.

Apart from the internet, the other popular method of finding a skilled massage therapist is through word of mouth, since many of your friends and family members would have gone through these massage sessions, and will surely know who is skilled and who is not.



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