Massage Parlor: Legal and Moral Issues

When you go through the lexicon, a massage parlor is an establishment that offers therapeutic massage.

But it also referred to as a place that offers illicit sexual services under the banner of therapeutic massage Hence it is no surprise that the government agencies always look upon these massage parlors with suspicion and recognizes that these are the places for prostitution.

In U.S., there is clear separation of ‘massage’ from massage parlors. This might leave a massage parlor not the rightful place for massage but only a sensuality spot.

The massage parlors are abundant in many states, theft and disease are commonly reported from people patronizing them, this includes mainly through truck drivers and travelers.

Etiquette in a Massage Parlor

Because of the close link between the massage parlor and prostitution, customers are advised to follow a set of rules and regulation.

Many customers are of the view that since they are paying for the services at the massage parlor, they are not bound by any code of conduct and manners to follow.

It is pertinent that each customer has to adhere to some basic rules, which are:

The nature of massage service makes many customers somewhat arrogant towards the massage therapist. But it has been made obligatory to speak politely and with respect with these professionals, as they are not our personal servants.

Massaging may arouse sexual desire. But parlor is a place for getting our body tuned and not for any other desires. So customers should not make any sexual comments towards the therapist.

Tipping a therapist is not a crime. However such considerations should not be in exchange pf any sexual favor from the therapist. In the US, exchange of money for sexual favors between two consenting adults is not legal. In Canada, it is not illegal.

For a better choice

When we look at the legal and moral issues associated for getting the services at a massage parlor shows that massage clinics are a better choice for customers.

Certified massage therapists are working at such clinics and the services providers are male or female, while in parlors it is often the opposite sex, who are in-charge.

Massage clinics mainly concentrates only on muscles whereas in massage parlors, sexual stimulation might be offered.



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