Massage Therapy: The Benefits

Ours is a very stressful and mechanical world-to meet deadlines, schedules and top it all taking care of our kith and kin.

The aftereffects are irritation, depression, headache, stomach upset, ulcer, shoot up blood pressure leading to heard ailments and stroke, et al. To condition your muscles, massage therapy is the best solution.

How it helps?

To list out the benefits, increased blood circulation among vital organs, stimulation of the lymph system to resist disease, in the release of endorphin- body’s natural pain killer-
relieving migraine headaches, relaxing tense muscles, lowering levels of stress hormones, relieving symptoms of chronic pain from fibromyalgia, the list continues.

Many physicians understand the great benefits of massage therapy and will advise that some patients must see a massage therapist.

A skilled massage therapist will do a complete evaluation of the symptoms you are showing will explain to you how massage therapy help in relieving physical and emotional pain.

Patients with chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, lower back and neck pain, hypertension, depression and anxiety are cured out by massage therapy and are enjoying smooth life styles.

Helping women in their last two months of pregnancy is a unique benefit of massage therapy.

A shorter labor, reduced vaginal tearing, minimal requirement of medication during and after labor, reduced depression and anxiety for first time mothers a shortened hospital stay are benefits to mention here.

Massage through a therapist’s hands, helps in creating a relaxed state of body and mind, which cools down patient’s nerves.

For athletes who have surgery, the massage therapy reduces postoperative pain and swelling, releases endorphins for shortened recovery time and help in increased athletic performance.

Is Massage Therapy the right choice for you?

Your traditional medical care should not interfere with massage therapy routines. You can talk to your physician and ensure that you are referred to a capable massage professional first. And go ahead; reap the benefits of Massage Therapy.



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