Massage Therapy As a Career Option

In today’s fast paced life, we have got different obligations to fulfill-at the work place, parenting and. family to look after.

Stress and strain lead to physical and emotional distress. Stress also paves the way to Hypertension, migraine headaches, muscle tension, chemical dependency, depression and anxiety.

Traditional medicine to an extent help in reducing stress, but the popularity chart is on a growing spree, for the alternative medicine, to relieve physical pain and de-escalate emotional distress.

Massage therapy has its roots in ancient China, Greece, Rome, India and the Egyptian era. It is a form of healing, basically a touch therapy to relieve pain and create a relaxed state of mind.

A massage therapy career is both lucrative and exciting, at the same time, it can be challenging too, since you have to handle patients with severe body conditions. People of this era, are on the lookout for more holistic and natural healing arts forms.

How to start a Massage Therapy Career?

The willingness to undergo very intense and specialized full-time training on massage therapy at a legitimate school forms the basis for a successful massage therapy career.

For admission in an accredited school you must have a high-school education. Massage therapists are licensed medical professionals.

Just rending an office, and hanging a board reading,” Massage Therapy Done Here” will end you up in prison, since practicing massage therapy without a valid license is a criminal offence.

Most schools help in financing and for tuition in massage therapy. For tuition, they charge about $9 per hour. For example, if you live in North Dakota, you must acquire 750 hours of training.

To obtain state and national credentials in this art form, the school you join must be fully accredited, like a University.

To receive your license to practice massage therapy, you should have passed the National Certification Exam.

Apart from NCE, some cities have their own regulation. If you live in a state and city that locally regulates your career in massage therapy, you must have both state and local licenses.

Through web sites like,, you can find all the information required on schools and on licensing. You will also need to acquire malpractice insurance.

Like in every licensed career field, if you have national certification, you must “recertify” every four years by carefully documenting required hours of continuing education programs.

Ethics training. is required for every resertification for any professional who touch patients for treatment. You must have two hours of ethics training.

To get started, contact the licensing board in your state to find about accredited schools. You are on your way!



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