In Your Massage Therapy Class

You have done your self-evaluation of massage therapy schools in your area and have got admission also.

Today is your first day in school, and you are all set to learn this art.

Human anatomy is the first class you will be attending to. You need to know about the body; its muscles, tendons, joints, connecting tissue, structure of organs, and the chemical makeup of the body.

When you get to know in detail about the body, you can able to attend to a problem with out any fuss. By studying anatomy, you are learning how medical and psychiatric conditions affect the body.

Stress, in partiular causes many problems to the body condition. Your anatomy massage therapy class will teach you how to practice your skills on stressed-out patients and help them gain a feeling of relaxation.

When you learn the history of this combination of art and science; several of your massage therapy classes will teach you how this holistic approach to pain and distress has been used for thousands of years.

Surgery for herniated disks in the lower back was there in ancient times, there were the natural healing arts of herbology, reflexology and massage therapy.

In those times, medical practioners used massage to treat fatigue, injury and illness. Now this art has advanced in this modern era, and we now more about blood circulation, connective tissue and necessary oxygen levels in the body.

Therapeutic Massage: Different Kinds

Your massage therapy class will teach you to evaluate a patient’s symptoms and decide upon what type of massage is right for him or her. This is just like a physician prescribing different medication for different patients, based on their body condition.

When you properly diagnose the source of the patient’s physical and emotional pain, you can able to help the patient through massage.

Like a physician who will not give a patient a shot of penicillin for low back pain; you, as a massage therapist, will only use the correct information learned in the message therapy class and will prescribe the best method which suits your patient.

Different kinds of therapeutic massages are learned in the class. They include, Swedish massage, acupressure massage, Japanese art of Shiatsu massage, lymphatic massage, neuromuscular techniques, and reflexology.

Each of these categories has sub-categories of specific massage techniques. Massage students typically practice on each other or on their instructor. Only when you give a massage under the watchful eyes of the instructor, it is best learned.

Initially, you get to feel as though the massage therapy classes are a bit overwhelming, but with each and each practical session you confidence level will grow up and you will feel comfortable to handle any type of situation.



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