The need for a portable Massage Chair

Good massage tables are part and parcel of any massage therapy center, but these are expensive as well.

There is a need to have portable massage chair at your spa, and here we are going to discuss why you need one.

An added facility

Even though customers always look forward to lying on their massage therapist’s table for a comfortable massage, some may have reservations over lying down, while the therapist work on their muscles.

Clients, who have an unhappy past, may resist lying down and relaxing. Customers may welcome the idea of sitting on a portable massage chair, fully clothed while the therapist work on their shoulders, neck, hands, and feet.

This portable massage chair will come in handy, for those who cannot climb on to the table. For instance, if a customer with lung disease might become too short of breath, lying on his or her back or stomach.

A very obese client might feel very uncomfortable climbing onto the table and lying flat.

To make you more enterprise

An enterprising massage therapist will not wait for clients to visit the center. Instead therapists go to client’s place.

If you have several quick mini-massages in a row in your appointment list, it is better to opt for a portable massage chair than a table, since it takes less time on the chair than at the table for the customer to stretch out.

Some massage therapists take their portable massage chairs and will position themselves (with the proper permissions, of course) in public areas, alike at the entrance of a busy mall or on a busy walkway.

Therapist can make good money through this since people who are busy and of course tired, can shell out $15 to $25 for a quick workout.

The other way to draw public attention is to participate in community activities. Like. bringing your portable massage chair to an Alzheimer’s fund-raising walk or a marathon to raise money for underprivileged kids are some among them, and you can do free quick massages.

A portable massage chair is vital piece equipment you need to keep whether you are inside office or out, to fulfill customer’s needs.



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