Oriental Massages: How helpful are they

Body massages are a boon to relieve pain from muscles and make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

All our past civilizations have on records one form of massage or the other for its healing power. Oriental Massage is one among them that has absolute curing powers to make a relaxed body and a stress free mind.

Oriental Massage: What it is all about

There exists different types of oriental massages, and unless it is acupuncture where usually needles are used, are done by hand on a one on one basis in order for the masseuse to feel each muscle state.

Since our body’s senses are interconnected from toe to brain, the right massage will send a signal to the brain that will relax and heal that part of body. The masseuse must know exactly which muscle has to be activated or else it will create an irreparable damage to the tissues and muscles.

Common Oriental Massages

Shiatsu – This very common oriental massage is practiced all over the world. and is more popular in the western countries. Shiatsu is a soft massage, and can be done on a person fully clothed as well, which mostly works through intuition.

The massage is done very softly over required muscles, and soft music will be played on the background. But sometimes-complete silence is observed to get the desired effect.

Thai massage – This is of a Yoga type, in which the muscles get relaxation through exercises. . While you do any type of exercise, at the end of the session you will feel more relaxed and revitalized. The same effect happens in Thai massage also, as you can feel the flow of energy all over the body.

Indonesian massage – This is based on aromatherapy, in which massage oils are used to its full effect to rejuvenate your body. This massage is an effective solution to come out of stress and strain due to daily grinding.

Taking care of our body

It is very important that we take atmost care to look after our body and its vital organs, these oriental massages are there just to do this for you.

After a whole days workout at the massage center, you are advised to go for a sound sleep. These massages are a guaranteed way to a stress free life style.



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