Tantra Massage-to Inspire your Sensuality

The ultimate aim of going for a massage therapy session is to get relaxation of body and soul through specific massage techniques, and ultimately lead a stress free life.

However there is one massage that is entirely dedicated to do a specific purpose, that is to awake your senses and inspire your sensuality.

Brief history of Tantra Massage

Tantra massage has got its roots in India, and was administered along with Yoga, the real exercise to the body and mind.

During Tantra massage, the blood flow is accelerated throughout the body, which will rejuvenate all body parts and all the senses.

This massage is usually practiced individually or along with a partner and is basically meant to excite your sensuality. To get the full effect, it is advised that partners should take turns and massage each other.

Practicing Tantra Massage

Here are a few precautionary steps you have to take before venture in to the practice of Tantra massage:

The surrounding atmosphere always play a significant part in the success of any massage session.To get in to the right mood, prepare the place for the exercise before hand.

A comfortable bedding or massage table to lay down, aromatic candles, dimly lit room with soft music playing, all these setting will create the right kind of mood for you to begin on a good note.

For a smooth massage, you require massage oil. You can use, scented oil, or your partner can manage with some fragrance, use baby oil. You have to give preference to your partners likes and dislikes, rather the whole experience get ruined.

Essentials for Tantra Massage

Now you are in possession of all the tools for the massage and are ready to make a start.

It is a point to note that you warm your hands, since giving a massage with cold hands will create uneasiness. Warm up your hands by rubbing them with a couple of drops of massage oil.

And then start the massage by going in for slow circular motions using your finger tips Using less force, start from the spine and slowly work your way up the back.

Now once the back portion get massaged, turn your partner over and massage the front portion around the heart and work very slowly down ever.

As explained, the Tantra massage is of the sensual type, while you work your way down your partner’s scrotum area, take utmost care and go only by the guidance of your partner.

And see to it that during the massage session, you communicate all the time with your partner and enquire how he or she feels during the massage.



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