Tantric Massage: Tips and Advantages

What is it all about?

Tantric massage, as the term specifies, is so special that if you practice this, it will make you so relaxed, the physical disorders, pain and stress seem to move out for good and make you feel as though you are in a different world.

How to administer a Tantric Massage

To begin with, keep the customer recline on their back with pillows under their head and cover their back with a towel. With their legs spread slightly apart, and knees bent a little, now use warm aromatic oil and spread it across customer’s entire body.

This will stimulate energy flow and body’s sensitivity will increase. Customer will now get in to a completely relaxed state of mind but is awake at the same time.

As Tantric massages are basically sensitive and sexual in nature, these are used as a key to heal, power your body and for a self-discovery of your inner soul.

The recent increased popularity rating for these Tantric massages are due to its incredibly pleasurable side effects that are gained.

Even though each person will have their own set of feelings, with the administration of Tantric massage, the end results are the same.

Locationwise, there are many places that offer tantric massage, the most popular being that of Tantra at Tahoe, a company which has a longstanding reputation in this field.

Here they will guide your body to tune in to the sensual tantric energy- or as the ancestors named, in to Kundalini. This is achieved by working on your breath, and pelvic muscles, as well as your voice and your power of visualization, which will slowly lift your senses to create an entirely different feeling.

Tantric massages help in the release of any old unwanted energy- negative energy you can call it- that is blocking the free flow of your Kundalini, which will in turn help you to overcome programmed inhibitions and sexual abuse.



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