About Moles, and its Treatment Information

Moles are marks on your skin that can be in any color usually black or brown or darker color of your skin. Moles are sometimes considered an embarrassment for some people if it appears on their face. It may affect their looks and distract others while talking to you. People who are in a job that requires frequent interaction with other people are more conscious about the moles in their body.

Some people believe that a mole on a particular part is lucky. Genetics plays an important role in the appearance of the moles in our body.A way to remove moles is Bio-T. Laser treatments are also available for treating moles. In some cases laser treatment of moles may leave scars on the skin. These scars are sometime bigger and prominent than the mole itself. Hence care should be taken and discussed with the medical practitioner before proceeding for any laser treatments.

Although moles were treated as beauty marks and considered attractive some people would like to remove it. Being attractive in some parts of our body they are also created artifically by some people.Peel off creams are also available to remove moles. Consistent use of peel off creams would be effective in removing moles. Moles need not be removed unless they are irritating, inflamed or suspicious. If large number of moles appear on the skin consult a dermatologist on ways to remove them.

Surgical methods are also used to remove moles on the skin. Excision with stitching and excision with cauterization are two types of surgeries that are performed on the sking to remove moles. Excision with cauterization uses a tool to burn out the mole. It is better to wear sunscreen with minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 to prevent appearance of moles. You can also avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. These will control the appearance of moles to some extent.

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