Effective Pain Relief for Sciatica

Basic relief for acute sciatica pain, heat and/or ice packs is most readily available and can help get better. Usually ice or heat is applied and repeated every two hours. Most people use ice first, but some people find more relief with heat.

The may be alternate to help with sciatica pain relief is Ice massage. Medications for sciatica are helpful in relieving sciatica. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or oral steroids can be helpful. If the sciatica pain is severe, an epidural steroid injection can be performed to reduce the swelling. An epidural injection is different from oral medications because it injects steroids directly to the painful area around the sciatic nerve to help decrease the irritation that may be causing the pain.

While the effects tend to be temporary an epidural steroid injection can be very effective in providing relief from an acute episode of sciatic pain. Importantly, it can provide sufficient relief to allow a patient to progress with a conditioning program and out of pain. A visit to a physical therapist, osteopathic physician, and physiatrist can be helpful both to alleviate the painful symptoms and to help prevent future recurrences of sciatica. Conservative care professionals can support in providing pain relief and developing a program to condition the lower back.

A surgical treatment for sciatica has not gotten better within six to twelve weeks. In cases where the sciatica pain is due to a disc herniation, a microdiscectomy may be considered after 4 to 6 weeks if the pain is not relieved by conservative means. Urgent surgery is only necessary if there is progressive weakness in the legs, or sudden loss of bowel or bladder control. So before surgery consulting the doctor is a necessary one.

A microdiscectomy is typically an elective procedure, and the decision to have surgery is based on the amount of pain and dysfunction the patient is experiencing, and the length of time that the pain persists. More or less most of the patients will experience relief from their sciatica pain after this type of surgery. Lumbar spinal stenos are often causes sciatica pain that waxes and wanes over many years. Surgery may be offered as an option if the patient’s is capable for the surgery. Again, surgery is non-compulsory and need only be considered for those patients who have not gotten relief from the sciatica after conservative treatments.





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