Proven Treatment Methods to Cure Shingles

All the information provided here are meant for a general idea about each of the medications available to cure shingles. Any further clarifications, confirmation and questions about usage or side effects while in process to cure shingles, please contact Dermatologist / Dermatology department of reputed hospitals. As such we heard people say there are no medications available to cure shingles. However, there are medications to cure shingles that can shorten the duration, reduce the risk of arising complications and relieve some discomfort.

Before we look in to cure shingles, let us see the origin of shingles. Shingles are caused by a virus, similar to one that causes chickenpox. Basically it is a re-emergence of the chickenpox virus in different form. This usually contained to an area of skin called a dermatome which is complemented by a particular group of nerves.

The medicine prescribed by doctor to cure shingles is almost an anti-viral drug taken up to 5 times a day. This must be started as soon as possible and should not be stopped mid-way through the course or else it will not be as effective. Unfortunately this is the only medical way to cure shingles i.e. to treat the virus. The rash should subside by the end of the course. Separately painkillers can be administrated which is not to cure shingles.

According to the intensity of the pain / rash, using neurotransmitter drugs may be prescribed by the doctor. Only anti-viral drug is used to cure shingles and other supplementary drugs may be helpful for chronic pain conditions. Though topical Lidocaine or nerve blocking injections are used importantly during the treatment to cure shingles, do not avoid or forget the anti-viral drug

. When you are under the medication to cure shingles, please follow the drug dosage in order and as per Doctors direction like interval timing, quantity. For any of the side effects on the treatment to cure shingles, like new skin rash, swelling in joints or near eyes or other abnormalities - act in time to highlight.




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