Shingles Disease Treatment - An Overview

Varicella zoster is the virus that causes shingles and this is the same virus that causes chicken pox in human beings. Shingles disease treatment is necessary to avoid spreading of the virus to the other parts of the body and thus control spreading. If a person takes shingles disease treatment as a precautionary measure he or she may not contract the disease from others. It is to be noted that this virus may also spread to other persons and cause shingles in them if they had earlier been affected by chicken pox. Otherwise this virus will cause chicken pox in them. Hence there is a need to take shingles disease treatment to avoid and prevent spreading of the virus.

During the initial stages of outbreak of varicella zoster, if a person avoids shingles disease treatment, there is every chance for him / her to get post shingles complications. These complications may range from losing vision to becoming deaf. If shingles affects near the eyes and ears, then the person has to be very careful in the shingles disease treatment, since the above mentioned after effects may rise. Whatever be the shingles disease treatment, it is advisable to take the treatment with the help of a medical practitioner.

The most common medicines that are used for shingles disease treatment are acyclovir (Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir), or valacyclovir (Valtrex). These drugs are taken for a minimum of 3 times a day upto 5 times a day for around 7 to 10 days. Since these drugs are taken during the initial stages of the shingles disease treatment, they help in controlling the spread of shingles in the body. Food restrictions also apply during the shingles disease treatment. Foods like processed meat, fried foods, chocolates, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, and sugar need to be avoided during the shingles disease treatment. Drugs like cimetadine can be taken during the shingles disease treatment since this drug is a good anti-viral drug. Vitamins like A and C intake should be increased and food containing zinc can also be taken during the shingles disease treatment, since they increase the immunity of your system.





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