Role of Shingles Medication in Treating Shingles

The major role of the shingles medication that are used for shingles treatment is to reduce pain caused by shingles. The other reasons for using shingles medication includes in reducing the discomfort and to expedite the healing of blisters. Shingles medication also prevent the spreading of this shingles to other parts of the body. Shingles medication like prednisone are used to reduce the pain and inflammation that is caused by shingles. There are also other pain relievers available.

One of the after effects of shingle is the condition called Postherpetic neuralgia. There are shingles medication available to deal with this condition. Under this condition the patient feels the pain on the areas of the shingles ever after the shingles have gone. Even the flow of air may cause them pain. Shingles medication are available to treat this condition. Shingles medication like capsaicin cream is used to deal with postherpetic neuralgia. For some patients patch that contains lidocaine is used as a shingles medication, if shingles medication like capsaicin cream does not come to the rescue. Lidoderm is the brand name of the shingles medication that contain lidocaine in the patches.

Some medicines that are used to treat depression are also used in lower doses as shingles medication to treat shingles. These medicines, if used as shingles medication, will take more time to have their effect. These medicines are said to take around 3 weeks to take their effect in relieving the pain caused by shingles. Most of the shingles get cured without any shingles medication on their own. Shingles medication like vidarabine and acyclovir are used in patients who are immunocompromised. Immuno compromised patients are those who immunity is drastically reduced. HIV positive patients are one among them.





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